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James Merriott

Born in the East End of London in 1941, James Merriott has been painting watercolours for 30 years. He has had a love of art all his life and from a very early age was inspired by his uncle, Jack Merriott RI (1901-1968). Much of Jack's work was English landscapes commissioned by various Railway Companies to be reproduced as posters and carriage panels.

James considers that his life is a constant flow of good fortune, although like everybody else setbacks have occurred from time to time. His career in the London Fire Brigade (1962-1978) was cut short with the onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis and the disease has remained with him ever since.

To help cope with both pain and disability, James turned to his love of art and with it developed a passion to portray the places he loves. In addition to art, his interests include old buildings of the county and Butterfly Conservation, all these are evident in the enthusiasm he has for his work.

The basis of his watercolours is simplicity and he demands of himself speed of execution to obtain results. He depends entirely on visiting the subjects he depicts, and wherever possible, paints from life.

James' achievements have meant that he has become very busy and he demonstrates and lectures to clubs and groups. He gives private tuition to fellow painters and undertakes commissioned work. In fact, anything he is asked to do he feels privileged to take on.

James is the regular featured artist in Essex Life & Countryside Magazine and now Hertfordshire Life, painting favourite subjects of both counties for publication in the county magazines.


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